Thematic Hotel Project

Monopoly Themed Hotel

Location: Sepang | Date: February 2020


Our client wanted to increase the view of the hotel room and make it more interactive, calm and modern looks. All of the room feeling will increase with the teal color that act as the main feel,


We polish all of the rooms part and changing whole of their wardrobe, lamp and interior. The color of the lamp chose reflect the mood of calm and romantic. We change the drawing of the wall with the modern drawing that play with minimalism. All of the curtain and the lace is change. Everything had been replaced with the modern type and color.

Build Duration: 52 weeks
Architects: Alvin Lee
Design: Alvin Lee and designer


Happy clients, with their dream room, modern feel and relaxing mood. The result matched their vision of a room that was stylish, light, modern and spacious; built to a very high spec.

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