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What brought Alvin to the entertainment industry is a spark of interest in the early years, leading him to depth into unplug music and live bands, managing well over 100 singers throughout the country. This soon ignited his interest in events and live shows, building up the foundation of OUP. Alvin had set to motion a numerous of events such as the First Pokémon Festival in Malaysia, World’s First Angry Birds Mobile Water Theme Park, and recently initiated the World’s 1st Bruce Lee Theme Room in the upcoming Thema City Hotel.

With his belief in creating an unforgettable experience for everyone, Alvin uses his leadership to develop a team where boundaries are erased and imagination uncapped. This brought to life many moments captured by spectators, one being the case of the Pokémon Festival in Resort World Genting, capturing the imagination of 8 million people. Through Alvin’s exemplar leadership, OUP would continue to rediscover creativity and greatness, delivering world-class entertainment and precious moments to people’s hearts.

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